Elettronica Santerno signed a new 100MW contract in Chile, worth 6 Milion USD, The contract was signed with one of the main global utilities in the renewable energy sector. The operations startup is yet to be defined and will stretch beyond the year 2018.

Supply includes a turnkey solution based on the new modular inverter Sunway TG TE 1500V. Santerno is particularly active in Chile, where it manages a total 200 MW capacity, all of which covered by O&M contracts. Nonetheless, to further develop and explore the country’s opportunities, Santerno set up a new branch in Chile in 2017. The Group’s presence in Chile is not limited to the subsidiary Elettronica Santerno; in fact the recently acquired Progetti Internazionali boasts a long presence in the country’s EPC sector with
over 100MW plants built in recent years.

Vito Nardi, Chairman and CEO of Enertronica Group, commented: “..since the acquisition of Elettronica Santerno, the Group has made considerable efforts to relunch the subsidiary. Results have been particularly rewarding so far, as we managed to build up in just one year the company’s current pipeline of confirmed projects, for over 300 MW, to be realised in the following years. The objectives that Elettronica Santetrno must achieve remain still complex and challenging, but knowing that we can rely on a list of large-scale orders makes it possible to plan the Group’s growth and development with greater certainty.”