Single-phase transformerless solar inverter

The solution for 2 to 9 kWp: a light-weighted, transformerless inverter for maximum energy efficiency. The Sunway M XS is a single-phase solar inverter, easy to install, with an interface designed for intuitive operation. The colour touchscreen display, the integrated datalogger and the wireless connectivity make it a technologically advanced device. Communications with the inverter is easy and convenient thanks to the dedicated smartphone app. A unique and stylish design.

User interface


– Colour, touchscreen graphic display

– Intuitive navigation


Datalogger integrator


– Production pattern of the plant via browser

– Log download to text files

– Share production on Twitter

App with iphone

– Easy configuration

– Pattern of the whole plant

– Graphs storage for offline consultation


Wifi connection

– Simplified configuration

– Great flexibility of use

– Access to all Santerno remote services RS485 connection for cable monitoring