Elettronica Santerno signed two new contracts in South Africa for 132 MW, worth 10 Million EUR. The two PV plants have been assigned on REIPPP “Round 4” to one of the main South African IPP. The operations will spread 10 months starting from February 2019.

Supply includes a turnkey solution based on the Skid 1500V, assembled in South Africa to match with the strictly requirements on local content, SCADA and Power Plant Controller.

Santerno is particularly active in South Africa, where a total of 350 MW Sunway TG solar inverters are installed. The local branch Enertronica SA is actively supporting running operations and developing business opportunities in the Country.

Vito Nardi, Chairman and CEO of Enertronica Group, commented: “Elettronica Santerno has been supporting its customer since the initial assignment. This result rewards our perseverance and the ability to deploy our solutions in complex settings such as South Africa. The acquisition of this order boosts the Group’s growth and development on all business areas, PV, Industrial and O&M, in the Sub Saharan region with excellent prospects.”