About Nova Energy

Founded by investment and technology cooperation with Entronical Santerno Spa. Nova Energy is an EPC contractor that develops renewable energy projects in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Thailand…

Nova Energy is an international EPC contractor with the capability of designing, manufacturing, and operating experience of Santerno’s expertise in deploying renewable energy projects in the Asian region.

We bring a turnkey solution, involved in every process of the project.

o Evaluation, project development (FS)
o Deploy investment projects
o Operation and Maintenance Training (O & M)

Why Choose Us?

Along with customers throughout the project: With 15 years of experience in the field of electricity and industry in Vietnam, we are always there to provide the best support at all times.


Commitment to the quality of the factory according to European standards: Nova Energy brings synchronous technology from Italy. Experienced international project team will ensure the success of the project.


Optimal Investment: Long-term partnerships with reputable manufacturers and our EPC experience will provide optimal investment and a high-quality, cost-effective solution.


Reliable Partner: The core value is to build and develop a sustainable system. Nova Energy is the first company to set up a design center, production and maintenance center in Vietnam.




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